Herghelia Lucina

Leaganul calului hutul

Central Division has three shelters where are grown Lucina stud jellies, office buildings, buildings for the  staff , hardware workshop, fodder magazine, fenery for fibrous fodder and paddocks for each of the three shelters.

Out of  the 1775.5 hectares, total area of Lucina stud, 382.6 hectares are filled with hay. From these surfaces stud obtains a sufficient amount of forage fiber, which ensure the necessary for 380 horses , available on the premises. Grazing of horses is taking place  exclusively on land belonging to stud , about 849 hectares.

The unit has an area of 507.4 hectares of forests, and the remaining 36.5 hectares are occupied by lakes (0.2 ha) , construction yards (18.8 ha), roads (15.8 ha) and 1.7 hectares of unproductive land.