Herghelia Lucina

Leaganul calului hutul

Hutulrace  is part of the local horse races and is currently the representative type of mountain horse , which over the years has proven to be  suitable for mountain climate. Also it embodies quite well the relationship between body mass, conformation and work skills.


Growth was performed on blood lines (father lines). Primary stallions were: Goral, Hroby, Ousor, Pietrosu and Prislop (lines currently present in the herd and recognized by F.A.O.), and Misyka, Ceremus, Stirbu, lines that were lost after the First World War.

Lines of this breed nowadays are represented  by following stallions:


-Hroby Line  by Hroby XXIV: Small body and less massive,  compared with other lines. It has almost square body,with long legs. With a very lively temperament, Hroby line is called so after a hamlet near Lucina stud It is one of the two lines that  survived the World War II (Goral is the other surviving line).


- Goral line by Goral XX : byproducts of that line have rectangular body size, a larger body, the most massive line of all, was founded by Goral stallion imported from Galicia in 1909. Pietrosu line was also developed later from Goral line. Pietrosu line and Ousor line were founded of stallions purchased from Odorhei area, in 1930.


-  Prislop line by Prislop XI, characterized by a higher class than other lines. Also it has a higher energy and vivacity.


- Ousor  Line by: Ousor IX and Ousor  X: this is a newer bloodline, and is characterized by a relatively large body development, weaker bones than other lines and some disproportions in body development.


- Pietrosu  Line by Pietrosu XI: is characterized by small body and longer backneck,  while chest depth is lower than other lines of products.